The evolution of life on our planet is controlled by plate tectonics, which is the surface expression of global mantle convection. The Earth is a highly complex heat engine, whose heat is lost through convection driven by the hot core and radioactive decay in the mantle. Despite its importance, we still do not have a precise, quantitative image of Earth’s interior in part because of the discrepancies between many approaches used for deep Earth exploration (e.g. seismology, geodynamics, petrology); In other words, we do not yet have a common ‘language’ (parameters and error bars) for the various approaches to work together.


This workshop is proposing a ‘hackathon’ week. We invite ~40 researchers mainly from Europe, to work together quantitatively to connect geodynamical models to seismic data with the aid of petrology, in order to understand the sensitivity of geodynamical scenarios on seismic observables. IPGP, City Hall of Foix, ENS Paris, Frontiers are already involved. Outreach activities are also previewed and a special issue in ‘Frontiers in Earth Science’ is programmed for February 2022!

When and Where?

This workshop will happen during Summer 2021 in Foix, Ariège, France.

Supporting institutions

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