date event
05/2021 invitation
06/2021 selection of students, call for special issue
07/2021 zoom meeting, cluster account opening
08/2021 hackathon @ Foix
10/2021 abstract proposal
0X/2022 deadline for special issue

Tentative schedule of one-week hackathon (August, 2021)

date morning afternoon evening comments
22 (Sun)   arrival @ Foix (train, car) 20h icebreaker pick-up at Foix station/rooms available from 19h (baggage drop all day)
23 (Mon) 9h-10h Welcome @ Amphi, 10h-12h30 Ateliers @ CU 15-17 atelier atelier  
24 (Tue) keynotes atelier public orchestra rehearsal, others -> Foix plage  
25 (Wed) keynotes, poster, panel @ les forges des Pyrènes getaway karaoke  
26 (Thu) keynotes atelier resto on your own  
27 (Fri) keynotes wrap up farewell  
28 (Sat) Outreach-concert @ Foix Outreach-concert @ Mazères